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      Welcome to Shenzhen Yuaner Technology Co., Ltd. official website
      Eye protection

      ABOUT US

      Founded in 2008, we are specialized in optoelectronic technology as the center of R & D and production. Reference to the German factory ion equipment (Leybold-Aps1104), as well as advanced photometric tester (Lambda-900) .With Wuwei Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is now developing cooperative photovoltaic technology and products. We specialize in producing all kinds of infrared cut filter / day and night filter / crystal filter, narrowband filter, bandpass filter. We are guided by the principle of "quality first, customer first, people-oriented and sustainable development". We adopt advanced product quality management system and dedicate ourselves to provide high-quality products for domestic and foreign digital imaging, optical fiber communication, biomedical analysis equipment, optical instruments and laser equipment industries , High-quality optical coating products and coating technology services.

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      Shenzhen Yuaner Technology Co., Ltd.
      Fax: 0755-29675558
      Filter: 13392873050  Miss Huang QQ:2317611854  E-mail: yuaner666198@163.com 
      Wireless charge: 13554741809    Mr Yang QQ: 824258624   E-mail:
      Eye: 18025334426   Mr Ao QQ: 50627732    E-mail: saily7@163.com
      Address:  Longhua Dalang, Fuyu Industrial Zone, 30th Floor, Building 30
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